Welcome to the Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) Application and thank you for showing interest in reducing poverty in our communities. The 2018 HCF has $340,000 to invest in reducing poverty through local community projects. The maximum funding available per project is $30,000.


Before beginning the online application, please review the Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide and make sure you are familiar with the HCF terms and conditions. Complete the request form below to have the guide and further instructions emailed to you.

Important Dates

The application submission period is between April 27 and May 25, 2018. The online application closes at 4:30 PM on May 25 and applications will not be accepted or processed past this date.

Please see the HCF RFP Guide for the application process timelines (Table 2) and evaluation details (Appendix C).

Request Form

Request the Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide using the following form. The guide and instructions for starting the application process will be emailed to you.

Please note that any amendments will be emailed to the address provided.

The Healthy Communities Fund Application is now closed and no longer accepting submissions.