Awarded: This contract has been awarded to Dave's Heating and Cooling in the amount of $45.00 per unit for all North Bay units and $60.00 per unit for Mattawa and Sturgeon Falls units.

The Nipissing District Housing Corporation (NDHC) invites quotes for cleaning, servicing  inspections of furnaces on various units in North Bay, Sturgeon Falls and Mattawa.


The following description is an excerpt. Please download the full Invitation to Quote below.

1.  Scope of work for furnaces includes:

  • clean and service furnace,
  • inspect heat exchanger for cracks before re-installing blower
  • remove and clean flame sensor
  • check igniter for cracks
  • clean the ports
  • dismantling and safety checks as per TSSA guidelines including the removal of the furnace blower and cleaning.
  • clean squirrel cage fan and motor (oil if necessary)
  • check all controls for burnt wires
  • provide and install new air filters, and dispose of all old air filters
  • clean all burners
  • clean condensate trap on the high efficiency furnaces, check to ensure pump and tubing is not plugged.
  • inspect chimney/chimney flu, check pilot tubing, oil motor
  • check gas pressure as per furnace specifications ( it will be different depending on the brand and model of furnace)
  • check to make sure door safety switch is working
  • check to see if gas line is bonded
  • clean outside of cabinet

** Test For Carbon Monoxide

Unit sheets will be provided by NDHC, the contractor will be responsible to have the tenant sign the unit sheet should the tenant be home at the time of servicing and cleaning.

Any furnace tagged or shut down, must immediately be reported in writing to our office by no later than the next business day after the furnace was shut down.

Quotes will include the cost of new air filters, and work must start no sooner than June 1, 2018  be completed and invoiced no later than June 30th, 2018. Contractor must be able to meet this deadline.


Please forward your quote on or before 10:00 A.M.  May 25, 2018.  If you are unable to quote, please return the Request of No Quote Form.  A copy of your current Liability insurance, and a current WSIB Clearance Certificate  must be submitted along with your bid.  The lowest or any Quote will not necessarily be accepted.  Were bids have the same dollar value,  NDHC reserves the right to distribute the work between the bids. NDHC also reserves the right to do periodic inspections to verify work performance is within the specifications of the contract.

The Nipissing District Housing Corporation will monitor contractor performance throughout the life of the contract.  Should NDHC decide, in its sole discretion, that contractor performance is not meeting the requirements of the contract, proper written notice of non-performance will be provided to the contractor to address and/or remedy any all performance issues.  If a second notice of non-performance is issued, whether related to the same default or as a result of a separate occurrence, the NDHC reserves the right to exclude the contractor from submitting on future bid opportunities for a minimum of one year (could be extended  beyond the one year).

The Nipissing District Housing Corporation will evaluate the performance of the successful bidder, upon completion of the contract also  to verify that minimal standards requested have been provided. See Sample Contractor Performance Evaluation.

Should NDHC find that the contractor has not acted professionally with the clients, or has acted  negligently or has not performed the tasks given  in the specifications, NDHC has the right to remove the successful bidder from the rotating contractor list, and can bar  the successful bidder from future work for the Corporation indefinitely.
Please download the full RFQ document and Contractor Performance Evaluation documents below.

Contact Info:

Patricia Therriault
Technical Services Coordinator
Nipissing District Housing Corporation
133 Main St. West, Suite 200
P.O. Box 480, North Bay, On P1B 8J1
Phone: (705)472-2441 ext. 3741
Cell: (705)494-0898
Fax: (705)472-4171