Online Child Care Waitlist Registry available to Nipissing District families.

North Bay, ON – Finding licensed child care in Nipissing District has never been easier, as families can apply online through the Nipissing Child Care Registry. The Registry provides a list of licensed child care services that include:

  • Home-based childcare;
  • Centre-based childcare;
  • Before-and-after school care; and
  • Approved recreation programs.

The centralized registry allows families to research different child care providers and the type of care offered, locate programs close to home or work, apply to any number of licensed programs for multiple children at once and learn about child care fee subsidies. Families looking for licensed child care must first create an online account in order to add their name to the registry.

“We are very pleased to bring the online registry to families in Nipissing District,” says Lynn Démoré-Pitre, Director of Children’s Services with the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board (DNSSAB). “The registry is housed within a highly secure website that ensures a family’s privacy, and because it’s online, people can access and update their application anywhere, anytime.”

People can now access and update their application anywhere, anytime.

“The DNSSAB has just taken a very big step in helping District families find qualified and safe child care providers. Not only does the registry provide a high level of convenience for people looking for child care, it ensures the child care is tailored to the family’s needs,” says DNSSAB Chair, Mark King.

The registry, developed for the DNSSAB, is managed by child care providers. Once a space is available, a child care provider will contact the registered family directly to inform them of the next steps. Families can access the registry by clicking here.

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