Child Care

How to apply for licensed child care and approved recreation services.

The District of Nipissing Child Care Registry

Finding early learning and child care programs for your child is done online through the District of Nipissing Child Care Registry.

The registry will guide you through the process of creating your account and adding your child/children. It will show you all available licensed early learning and child care options for children from infancy up to 12 years of age. Services include:

  • Home-based childcare
  • Centre-based childcare
  • Before-and-after school and
  • Approved recreation programs

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Please Note:

In some cases, parents may wait months before they are able to get child care, especially with infants and toddlers. It is a good idea to register early – even before your child is born.

The application process is simple:

  1. Create an account
  2. Follow the steps to apply for child care programs that best meet the needs of your child and family.
  3. Once space is available, a child care provider will contact you directly to advise you of the next steps.

Child Care Subsidy

How to qualify for and apply for a child care subsidy.

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Child care fee subsidy is a program that is intended to help families with the cost of their child care expenses. It supports eligible families by paying a portion of their total licensed child care costs as funding permits.

Fee subsidy offers an essential support for many families, helping them balance the demands of a career and family while working, pursuing education or participating in a training program.

Who Can Apply

Child Care Subsidy may be available to families living in the District of Nipissing who are looking to access licensed Child Care Centre-Based, Home Child Care or Nursery School programs (for children newborn to 12 years of age) as well as Approved Recreation Programs (for children 6-12 years of age).

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In order to qualify for Child Care Subsidy you need to:


  • Be a resident of the District of Nipissing
  • Be the child’s parent, legal guardian, temporary or kinship parent
  • The child must live in the same residence
  • File a Federal Tax Return on an annual basis
  • Have a demonstrated need for early learning and child care services
    • by attending school or professional training
    • working full-time, part-time, on call or casual
    • having a Special Needs Referral provided by a third party agency, a doctor or other professional who is currently working with you or your child.


To see if you qualify for child care subsidy, you may contact us with your most recent income tax information for a pre-assessment.

How To Apply

Once a child care space has been secured (see child care section above), you can get more information about this program and apply by calling (705) 474-1923, or toll free: 1-877-319-5411.


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Ontario Works Children Related Benefits

If you are on Ontario Works, you might be able to get other benefits and subsidies to help care for a child.

Special Needs

How to get support for children and youth with special needs.

Special Needs Referral for Fee Subsidy

Families with children with special needs face unique challenges accessing early learning and child care services that meet the needs of their children.

If your child has special needs…

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Inclusion Support Program

DNSSAB provides funds to two local agencies to ensure that special needs resourcing services are available to children with special needs allowing them to attend and be included in licensed child care programs.   The Inclusion Support Program allows families to access licensed early learning and child care services and receive the supports and resources to assist both the family and the child care professionals.

Licensed child care programs are inclusive environments which welcome all children as full participants. Every licensed child care program in the District of Nipissing receives enhanced support services from a Special Needs Resource Consultant through the Inclusion Support Program.  These qualified professionals provide additional support needed so that every child can take part in the child care program.

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