DNSSAB invites licensed Child Care Service Providers with a Purchase of Service Agreement from DNSSAB to complete and submit the attached funding forms according to their agency’s needs.

Child Care agencies requesting funds shall submit project proposals by completing and submitting the related forms and additional information through the prescribed electronic format.

The availability of One-Time Special Purpose Funding will depend on Ministry funding and DNSSAB’s Children’s Services budget flexibility.


The purpose of these guidelines and of each of the methods of procurement is:

  • To adopt a standard and transparent approach in managing One-Time Special Purpose Funding;
  • To ensure service and project delivery, quality, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • To ensure fairness among licensed Child Care Service Providers;
  • To ensure equity, openness, accountability and transparency;
  • To align with the Ministry’s vision, guidelines and pedagogical approach;
  • To obtain the best value for the use of public funds;
  • To maintain the integrity of the process.


Special Purpose Funding have been made available with the intent of supporting licensed Child Care Programs with a Purchase of Service Agreement with DNSSAB.

TRANSFORMATION FUNDING:  This funding is intended to cover one-time costs for licensed Child Care Services Providers that are involved in business transformation activities and/or require business transformation supports.

PLAY-BASED MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT: This funding is to support the provision of high quality licensed child care programs for children from birth to twelve years of age and to assist in the creation of enriching environments that are developmentally appropriate and promote children’s exploration and learning though play consistent, with the foundations and principles of the pedagogical approach How Does Learning Happen?

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE FUNDING:  This funding is intended to support the needs of the licensed child care system to address any health and safety requirements and to maintain compliance with the Ministry’s licensing requirements under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.


Moving forward, the application cycle for Special Purpose Funding will be continuous and ongoing to allow DNSSAB to respond to the licensed Child Care community needs as they arise.

Applicants will complete the appropriate application form(s) electronically; submit their request(s) along with the applicable supporting documentation by email: csfundingrequest@dnssab.ca.

All supporting documentation (i.e. quotes, receipts, third party recommendations, etc.) related to the request must be included in order to be considered.


Important to Note:

Any application does not guarantee a funding allocation for projects proposed, in progress or completed.

Funding will be allocated based upon a priority rating and is dependent on Ministry funding allocations and DNSSAB’s Children’s Services budget flexibility.

Any financial or contractual agreement the Service Provider undertakes is at their own risk and DNSSAB takes no responsibility for any financial investments the Service Provider makes prior to entering into a contractual agreement.

All special purpose funding allocations must be expended by December 31st.

Click on the links below to download the application forms.