Here are some common questions about Emergency Medical Services.


The Community Paramedicine Initiative provides mobile healthcare in North Bay, West Nipissing, Mattawa and Temagami, to promote sustainable independence within your home.

Do I have to pay for this service?

All of our services are free to the patient.

How will clients be selected?

Clients are selected for our services based on referrals from the hospital, family physicians, nurse practitioners, other community services and paramedics following ambulance transports. 

Are clients required to travel?

There is no travel required; we come to you!

What personal information is required?

We require all current and past health information. We also obtain consent to share specific information with other Care Providers and Community Partners and Services to ensure robust coordination of care. 

Please note: the information on this website is intended to be used as a guide and is subject to change. It does not reflect all policies and procedures of the Emergency Medical Services Department.

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