EMS Symposium

October 10 – 11, 2018, North Bay, ON

Join us for the 17th Annual Emergency Medical Services Symposium. This is THE event for police, fire, paramedic and front-line emergency personnel.

This year’s featured workshops include an in-depth look at the effects of PTSD by Artist / Firefighter / Paramedic Daniel Sundahl and Tom Walker as well as the First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program by the O.P.P.

All artwork © Daniel Sundahl
Used with permission

About the EMS Symposium

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the district of Nipissing for our 17th Annual Emergency Medical Services Symposium, on October 10th & 11th, 2018. With each year, we try to improve our processes and deliver valuable sessions, whether you’re a first responder or fleet management personnel.  We have used your feedback from previous symposiums to deliver contemporary insight through a network of experience and expertise from across the industry.  Here is a sneak peek at what we have in store for you this year:

The EMS Symposium for YOU

We are pleased to extend our invitation this year to our community partners including Police, Fire and Emergency Department personnel. I believe that as a team of first responders, no matter what field we are destined to be part of, we are all here for the same reason — to keep our community safe and help anyone in need. In doing so, it is in the first responder’s nature to focus on helping others, often disregarding their own wellbeing.

This year’s theme

As part of our agenda this year, we have been fortunate to attract presenters that have been affected by high stress as first responders and have also been part of the healing process. I am confident that participants will benefit from these sessions and will be able to apply this wisdom in their daily work/ life balance.

The cause

We continue to support Ronald McDonald House, to help our Northern families stay near their loved ones when travel is required for medical treatments.

The Cause: Ronald McDonald House

We sincerely look forward to your annual visit to our District and spending time with you.

Please contact Nadine Grasser or myself if you require further assistance. We will make every effort to meet your needs.

Best regards,
Jean Guy Belzile, Chief of EMS Nipissing District | Jean-Guy.Belzile@dnssab.ca

Featured Workshop: “Caring Costs”

We are pleased to introduce two very special guest speakers to this year’s EMS Symposium. Daniel Sundahl & Tom Walker have come together to present “Caring Costs – Ways to Reduce the Tolls we are Charged”.

Not unlike the “Walking Dead” many First Responders are fearful of being bitten by the dreaded Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this unique workshop Daniel Sundahl will talk about his experiences of being bitten. He will share his story and retrospectively look at what both helped and at times hindered him from being able to reach out and get support. Additionally, Daniel will work with Tom Walker (Clinical Traumatologist/Social Worker at Ornge) to bring theoretical constructs of the importance of understanding how the ambient chaos first responders work in, can serve as literal kindling that often can serve to immobilize first responders.

This workshop will invite First Responders to personally become more TYPE A about self-care. We will support people to notice when the kindling is occurring; subsequently, to then give themselves permission to reframe from “suck it up” to it is okay to “work it through” be intentional and initiate coping.

Participants will:

  • Learn the symptoms of compassion fatigue which makes us susceptible to PTSD
  • Differentiate between the key concepts of compassion fatigue, primary trauma (i.e. developmental, relational or shock trauma), acute stress disorder, vicarious trauma and PTSD
  • Understand the psychobiology of unconscious empathy and its influence on first responders
  • Learn and discuss tools that can be used to mitigate compassion fatigue

Featured Workshop: “First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program”

This year, the O.P.P. are delivering a very special workshop focusing on the First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program (FR-TAP).

The First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program (FR-TAP) is a comprehensive awareness training for first responders which enables multi-agency participation (i.e., police of jurisdiction, paramedics and fire fighters) in content development and program monitoring. The program informs key partners on possible indicators of criminal/terrorist activity and practices that might otherwise go unnoticed and unreported.

One of the key training components is the Counter Terrorism Information Officer (CTIO) Workshop. This is a 3 day workshop which serves to provide candidates national security awareness on a variety of issues associated with this subject (i.e., cyber awareness, terrorism awareness and violent extremism). The CTIO workshop aim is to inform and educate first responders about key indicators of criminal/terrorist activity and practices that might otherwise go unnoticed and unreported.

Upon successful completion, CTIO’s receive weekly bulletins that inform them of nation security issues of importance to first responders.

CTIO Workshops are a vital link in keeping first responders knowledgeable about current terrorist tactics, techniques and practices.  With this information, first responders will be able to better recognize these indicators, respond appropriately as well as inform/educate others within their respective agency by enhancing awareness and operational preparedness relating to terrorism.

The DNSSAB EMS Symposium presentation will cover some of the key modules from the CTIO workshop including Terrorism Awareness, Violent/Right-wing Extremism and Radicalization.

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