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Purchasing Policy

The District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board (DNSSAB) is committed to ensuring publicly funded services and goods are acquired through a process that is open, fair, efficient, accountable, competitive and transparent.  This Board-directed policy has been written in consultation with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive by the Management Board of Cabinet, July 2011, the associated Supply Chain Guidelines, and A Guide to Developing Procurement Bylaws by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, July 2003.

The Unsolicited Quotations or Proposals Policy

This policy establishes a process and the procedures to respond to unsolicited quotations or proposals in a manner that ensure transparency, fairness, and best value for DNSSAB. While unsolicited quotations and proposals should not be allowed to circumvent DNSSAB’s purchasing policy, the organization sees the merit and opportunity of being able to evaluate unsolicited quotations or proposals to determine if they have value to the organization.

The unsolicited quotation or proposals policy provides the connection that enables staff to accept and evaluate unsolicited quotations or proposals while ensuring that any resulting procurement is subject to the Purchasing policy.


Procurement Policies

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DNSSAB Unsolicited Quotes & Proposals Policy (Updated 2020) 100.53 KB03-24-2021 15:35:04 DownloadPreview
DNSSAB/NDHC Purchasing Policy (Updated 2021) 167.03 KB03-22-2021 11:17:58 DownloadPreview
DNSSAB Disposal of Assets Policy 133.84 KB02-04-2019 14:53:14 DownloadPreview