Here are our guiding documents.

DNSSAB is governed, and abides by the following documents.


Here are our financial statements.

The Team

Here are contact details for our corporate team.

Aimie Caruso

District Coordinator, Employment Services and Client Outcomes
705.474.2151 x3404

David Plumstead

Manager of Planning, Outcomes and Analytics
705.474.2151 x3353

Dawn Carlyle

Project Manager
705.474.2151 x3126

Debbie Mills

Director of Housing Services
705.474.2151 x3197

Jean Guy Belzile

Chief of Emergency Medical Services
705.474.2151 x3316

Jerret Tomkins

Human Resources Representative
705.474.2151 x3500

Joseph Bradbury

Chief Administrative Officer
705.474.2151 x3116

Justin Avery

Senior Accountant
705.474.2151 x3350

Lynn Démoré-Pitre

Director of Children's Services
705.474.2151 x3155

Marianne Zadra

Communications and Executive Coordinator
705.474.2151 x3127

Melanie Shaye

Director of Corporate Services
705.474.2151 x3188

Michelle Glabb

Director of Employment and Social Services
705.474.2151 x3332

Pierre Guenette

Housing Operations Manager
705.474.2151 x3144

Saxon Yanta

Contract Specialist
705.474.2151 x3404

Stacey Cyopeck

Housing Programs Manager
705.474.2151 x3346

Tara Kraemer

Human Resources Specialist
705.474.2151 x3199

Our employees are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 4720-01 and Local 4720-02.