CHPI Client Benefits

How to apply to the CHPI Client Benefit Program.

CHPI Client Benefit Program

If you are without a home, struggling to pay your heating costs, mortgage or rent – talk to us – we may be able to help.


Ontario Works & ODSP Recipients

If you are on Ontario Works, please contact your case manager who will assist you with your application.

If you are on ODSP, please contact your case worker.

You may qualify for the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI). Through this program, you may qualify for assistance with costs such as:

  • first / last month’s rent
  • utility arrears to prevent disconnection
  • utility deposits and moving expenses

You may also be eligible if you’re facing eviction, fleeing from family violence, have been discharged from an institution or are relocation due to employment.

Who is Eligible?

To see if you qualify for CHPI benefits, a means test, which includes your income, assets and monthly expenses is required.

How To Apply

To apply, please call 705-474-2151 x3120 or x3190 to speak to one of our navigators. You can download the application forms below and email your completed versions to:


Learn More:

Click here to get more details about the CHPI program.

Housing Registry

How to register with the Nipissing District Housing Registry.

Apply for Housing

The DNSSAB administers funding for various housing projects throughout the Nipissing District. These projects may include rent-geared-to-income units, market rent units, or a mix of both. Some housing providers belong to the Nipissing District Housing Registry while others accept applications directly.

To maximize your chances of obtaining housing:

  1. Apply with the Nipissing District Housing Registry
  2. See “How to apply to other housing providers directly“.

The Nipissing District Housing Registry

The Nipissing District Housing Registry is a centralized application centre for many of our providers. (See Step 2 for our other providers).

Please be advised that there are waiting lists and that subsidized households must meet all eligibility rules as listed in Part 3 of the Ontario Regulation 298/01 of the Housing Services Act, 2011.

Nipissing District Housing Registry members:

  • Nipissing District Housing Corp. | North Bay, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, Field, Verner | families, seniors
  • PHARA | North Bay | families
  • Castle Arms | North Bay | seniors
  • Habitations suprêmes – Place St. Vincent | North Bay | seniors
  • Holy Name – Trillium Terrace | North Bay | families
  • Niska | North Bay | families
  • Triple Link | North Bay | families
  • Residences Mutuelles – Residence II | Sturgeon Falls | seniors
  • West Nipissing Non-Profit Housing Corp. | Sturgeon Falls | families, seniors
  • Temagami Non-Profit Housing Corp. | Temagami | families

Registry Contact Information

Nipissing District Housing Registry
200 McIntyre Street East (First Floor, North Bay City Hall)
P.O. Box 126
North Bay, ON P1B 8G8
Phone: 705-472-2826
Fax: 705-472-1901

How To Apply

To register with the Nipissing District Housing Registry please download and complete the form below, pick one up in person or request the form to be sent to you by mail by calling 705-472-2826.

On the application form, chose every project for which you qualify and you are interested in. There is one application for both market rent units and rent-geared-to-income units. Be sure to complete the periodic information updates as required.

You can submit the completed form by email to, fax: 705-472-1901 or in person.

Housing Application Forms


Learn More:

Click here to get more details about the Nipissing District Housing Registry.

Housing Providers

How to apply to other housing providers directly.

Apply to these housing providers directly

Not all projects belong to the Nipissing District Housing Registry. The housing providers listed below must be contacted directly.

These are generally market rent units, however some providers do offer rent-geared-to-income units. Each provider may have their own application criteria.  After applying, be sure to notify the housing provider of any changes to your personal information.

Click the location of interest to the right for contact details.


East Ferris Senior’s Villa (705-752-4658) – seniors


East Ferris Senior’s Villa (705-752-4658) – seniors

North Bay
  • Shibelith Homes Inc c/o Northshore Property Management (705-495-6999)
    • Eaton Court – seniors
    • Main & Foran – seniors
    • Moss Court – seniors
    • Woodlands III – seniors
  • Corpus Christi Court (705-494-9684) – seniors
  • Habitations suprêmes – Place Richelieu (705-474-4566) – seniors
  • Mackay Homes (705-497-0565) – seniors
  • Castle Arms IV (705-474-4250) – seniors
  • Emmanuel Village (705-472-1806) – families
  • The Girard Complex (705-474-1507) – families
  • The Pines (705-474-1507) – families
  • PHARA Westwinds Heights (705-476-0733) – families
  • Native People of Nipissing (705-497-1773) – indigenous seniors and families
  • Canadian Association for Mental Health (705-474-1299) – mental health clients
  • Lakeside Living (705-467-7777) – seniors
  • Marshall Park Living (705-476-7777) – seniors
  • Castle Arms Mattawa (705-474-4250) – seniors
  • Whispering Pines Native Homes (705-744-0108) – indigenous families
Sturgeon Falls
  • Residences mutuelles – Phase I (705-753-5444) – seniors
  • West Nipissing Non-Profit Housing Corporation – Villa Joie de Vivre (705-753-7110) – seniors
  • West Nipissing Centre (705-753-1555) – families
  • Waakohnsuk Native Non-Profit Homes (705-753-5192) – indigenous families

Other Housing Programs

Learn about our other housing programs below.

Homeownership Program

The Homeownership Program provides down payment assistance to eligible households through federal/provincial funding.

Ontario Renovates Program

The Ontario Renovates Program provides forgivable loan assistance to low and moderate income households to assist them in performing eligible major repairs, renovations and accessibility modifications to their homes.

Rent Subsidies

There are several rent subsidies available to individuals who are currently on the Housing Registry waitlist.