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Ontario Works Employment Services

We help job seekers of all ages find work, receive training or return to school.

Find out when the next employment event is taking place:

Employment Events

We put on workshops and keep you in the loop about local job fairs.

Resource Centres

Resource Centres and Career Hubs to help you with your job search.

Placement Options

Learn about different kinds of placement opportunities.


If you are interested in self-employment, we can help.

Ontario Works worked for me…

Right from the beginning Ontario Works provided much needed monetary assistance and help with my job search endeavors (Canadians are very fortunate to be given this opportunity). Within weeks of walking into Ontario Works to request help I was provided with a Coordinator. Direction was provided with everything from interview skills, cover letters, resumes, and job sites. Weekly appointments helped to keep me motivated and aware of potential job opportunities. Without hesitation, Ontario Works was “key” in aiding my endeavors for successfully finding employment. I am grateful for the assistance provided by Ontario Works

Ontario Works Employment Services are administered by DNSSAB
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