Direct Bank Deposit

Cheque not in the mail? Direct Bank Deposit is the solution.
When your Ontario Works payments are put directly into your bank account:

  • Your money will be on time
  • Your money can’t be lost or stolen
  • You won’t require ID to get your money

Set up Direct Bank Deposit

  1. Create a void cheque or get a Direct Deposit form completed by your bank.
  2. Complete our Direct Deposit Request form (below). You can also pick one up on the main floor of City Hall or speak with your caseworker.
  3. Submit both documents to your Case Manager

Soon, all Federal Government cheques, such as child tax benefit, tax refund, GST and EI will ONLY be deposited into a bank account.

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Quick Tips:

  • If you are having difficulty determining which numbers on your cheque refer to your bank account, bank branch, bank number, etc., please refer to this guide.
  • If you have a smart phone, take a photo of your cheque and email it to and request assistance to set up a Direct Bank Deposit on your account.